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Mongolian esports week (June 10-June 16, 2024)

The standout feature of the Mongolian esports week (June 10-16, 2024) is the notable achievement of the Kobolds Valorant team, currently holding the 3rd place at the Challengers League 2024 Taiwan/Hong Kong: Split 2 stage.

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Kobolds Valorant is currently ranked 3rd in points in Challengers League 2024 Taiwan/Hong Kong: Split 2 round. (The first six teams will qualify for the Play Off stage.)


Five teams representing our nation, along with a team led by a Mongolian youth, took part in the spring tournament of the PUBGM Super League Central and South Asia. Remarkably, four of these teams successfully advanced to the finals, with three out of the four ultimately emerging victorious.

  • 4Merical Vibes

  • Falcons Force

  • IHC Esports teams have qualified for the group stages of the $3 million PUBG Mobile World Cup 2024 in Saudi Arabia from July 9-28.

Places and prizes of participating teams from Mongolia

· 4Merical Vibes team. 1st place $37,600

· Falcons Force team. 2nd place $22,600

· IHC esports team. 4th place $14,700

· Stronger esports. team 10th place $7,000

· Team Stalwart Esports . 18th place $1,900

· WAOW Esports team. 19th place $1,700

4Merical Vibes team player U. Dolgoon "DOK" was selected as MVP-Most Valuable Player of the tournament.
Mongolian electronic sports (June 10-June 16, 2024)
Credit to Esports World Cup
# CS2

The Mongolian team, known as The MongolZ, secured a commendable 5th-6th place at the DreamHack Summer Festival - ESL Challenger Summer tournament held in Jönköping, Sweden. The MongolZ emerged victorious against Party Astronauts but faced defeat against Aurora and Team Falcons, concluding their performance in the tournament.


During the relegation stage of the ESL Challenger League Season 47 (ECL S47), Team Aravt and The Huns Esports successfully secured qualification for the upcoming ECL Season 48. Consequently, among the 16 teams involved in the tournament, a total of six - The MongolZ , ATOX Esports , Clutch Gaming , Qube , Aravt, and The Huns Esports will be participating in ECL S48.


On July 1st, Chinggis Warriors and The Huns Esports (one of them) will represent Mongolia in the East Asian qualifiers of the IESF tournament. The outcome of this competition will determine their potential participation in the IESF Asian tournament scheduled for September in Chengdu. The MongolZ secured the top spot from the MESA Pro Series: Finals, however, they were unable to compete due to scheduling conflicts with other tournaments. ATOX Esports, the team that followed in the rankings, also faced a similar outcome.


The IHC MLBB esports team from the IHC Esports organization emerged victorious in the MSC 2024 Mongolia Qualifier on June 8, 2024, securing their spot in the Esports World Cup (EWC) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Subsequently, they traveled to the Philippines to undertake preparations for the upcoming competition.


The regional qualifiers for the teams Road to The International 2024 is underway. The MOUZ team (Ravdan "NARMAN" Narmandakh) in the Western European closed qualifier, reached the quarter-finals of the upper bracket. The NaVi ( Sukhbat "sanctity" Otgondavaa in the Eastern Europe closed competition, is competing in the finals of the lower bracket.

Mongolian IHC esports and Prizm esports teams will play in the South East Asian regional qualifiers on June 19-23 this year. Also, Bleed esports (Tugstuguldur "Se" Dashzevge) will participate at the South East Asian regional qualifiers.

Mongolian e-sports tournament schedule
  • June 17-18. MESA Legends Series 6 . MLBB fe. Open Qualifier

  • June 19-20. Challengers League, Taiwan/Hong Kong. Valorant

  • June 20-21. MESA Legends Series 6 . MLBB fe. The finals

  • June 26. Challengers League, Taiwan/Hong Kong. Valorant

  • 6.19-6.23. Road to TI Regional Qualifiers

  • 6.24-6.29. Elite League Season 2 Dota 2

  • 6.24-6.29. Elite League Season 2: Closed Qualifier. Dota 2

  • 7.1-7.1. IESF East Asia Regional Qualifiers. CS2

  • 6.28-7.14. Esports World Cup. MLBB

  • 7.4-7.21. Esports World Cup. Dota 2

  • 7.19-7.28. Esports World Cup. PUBGM

  • 7.17-7.21. Esports World Cup. CS2


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