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IHC esports qualified for the Mid Season Cup 2024

Mongolia has been granted official participation rights in the Wild Card or preliminary stage of the Mid Season Cup 2024. ESN - eSports Network has overseen the qualifing process.

The stages of the tournament

Play In stage

1,188 teams have officially entered the MSC 2024 MONGOLIA QUALIFIER to vie for Wild Card spots or preliminary qualification in the upcoming Mid Season Cup 2024 (MSC). The competition saw 16 teams advance from the initial open qualifiers, with an additional 16 teams selected from the remaining participants in the subsequent open selection round, resulting in a total of 32 teams competing in the In stage.

Play Off stage

The Play-Off stage of the MSC 2024 MONGOLIA QUALIFIER featured the participation of the following teams: IHC esports, Hello there MP, Aquille, Final Epilogue, The MongolZ, Blaze esports, Imposters, and So close.

During the final stages, IHC esports, Aquille, The MongolZ, and Imposters participated in the championship match held at UG Arena on 06.08. In this event, IHC esports, The MongolZ, and Imposters battled for the championship title.

The championship match was held at the UG arena in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia.

The MongolZ team defeated the Impostor team 3:0 in the lower bracket.

The MongolZ 3:0 Impostor


Grand Final:

  • IHC Esports won The MongolZ 3-1 to qualify for the Esports World Cup (EWC) this summer in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in June.

  • IHC esports team won the championship trophy and $4500 prize.

  • The MongolZ team won the second place in the competition and received a prize of $2000.

  • The Impostors team won the third place in the competition and received a prize of $1200.

  • The best player of the tournament was the MVP from the IHC team ZXAURA.

IHC esports team rosters

  • Enkhbat“Aizn” Munkhharaa

  • Bagabandi “Zxaura”Tegshjargal

  • Amarmurun “Forbid” Mandah

  • Erdenemunkh “Bebex” Chinsukh

  • Batbold“Ethan“ Batjargal

Images courtesy of ESN - Esports Network

The league's agenda

In addition to the championships, the Esports Network hosted a Celebrity Match, singers and musicians that young people love to listen to, and it was a day of celebration for MLBB players.

Celebrity match was attended by famous gentlemen who play MLBB game with interest.

Sky Wanderers

  • Saftaz - caster

  • Bankai – Athlete of The MongolZ team

  • Tsogtoo – Mesmerism

  • Wolfizm - rapper

  • Namone – singer

Orange cat energy

  • Snoopy - caster

  • Zxaura – athlete of the IHC team

  • Saihnaa – MEDQ

  • Bayaraa – Comedian

  • Riona - streamer

The competition was very interesting and fun, Orange Cat Energy team won 2:0.

General host of the tournament: Baagii

Guest artists: San Junifer violinist Bay, Foux band, Noubold, Bektor Petrovic, Fruity Baachka, Fav

Commentators: Saftaz, Snoopy, Jalgunaa

Photos by

The annual Mid Season Cup (MSC) organized by Moonton Games has previously only been held in the Southeast Asia region, but this time it has expanded to include more countries. This year, the MSC will be held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in June-July under the name of Esports World Cup (EWC). Last year, Team Lilgun (IHC Esports) won the National Championship last year and participated in the World Championship by winning the Wild Card.

Thanks to Caster Munzu who covered the tournament with press pass during the tournament.




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