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"Unbelievable Victory: The MongolZ Triumph over Astralis in Triple Overtime"

Get ready to cheer for The MongolZ from Mongolia as they gear up to battle for the championship title in the electrifying Yalla Compass 2024 competition, showcasing the elite 12 CS2 teams!

The game

During the match on June 8, the team known as The MongolZ faced off against Astralis, the 7th-ranked team in the world from Denmark.

  • The first game was contested on the Nuke map and the series was won 13:7.

  • The next match was played on the Mirage map and Astralis tied the series 13:6.

  • The deciding game was very competitive on the Ancient map and we won with a score of 22:19 after triple overtime. What a game! The MongolZ Triumph! Ancient map The MongolZ 22 : 19 Astralis The MongolZ 21 : 19 Astralis The MongolZ 21 : 18 Astralis The MongolZ 20 : 18 Astralis The MongolZ 19 : 18 Astralis The MongolZ 18 : 18Astralis The MongolZ 18 : 17 Astralis The MongolZ 17 : 17 Astralis The MongolZ 16 : 17 Astralis The MongolZ 16 : 16 Astralis The MongolZ 15 : 16 Astralis The MongolZ 15 : 15 Astralis The MongolZ 15 : 14 Astralis The MongolZ 14 : 14 Astralis The MongolZ 14 : 13 Astralis The MongolZ 13 : 13 Astralis The MongolZ 13 : 12 Astralis The MongolZ 12 : 12 Astralis The MongolZ 12 : 11 Astralis The MongolZ 12 : 10 Astralis The MongolZ 11 : 10 Astralis The MongolZ 10 : 10 Astralis The MongolZ 10 : 9 Astralis The MongolZ 9 : 9 Astralis

The MongolZ triumphed over Sashi team from Denmark with an exciting 16:14 victory, then dominated Ence team from Finland with a fantastic 13:7 win, followed by a solid 13:9 victory against Heroic team from Norway, and a stunning 13:6 victory against Ninjas in Pajamas team from Sweden, securing their spot in the semi-finals of the group A.

Despite a close match where they fell to the Astralis team from Denmark with a score of 8:13, their result in the semi-finals remains unchanged according to the tournament format.

The MongolZ Triumph
My husband and I, with The MongolZ at Atlanta ESL Challenger

Tournament teams and division allocation

Group A teams (first 3 teams qualify for semi-finals)

  • The MongolZ

  • Ninjas in Pajamas

  • Astralis


  • Sashi Esport

  • ENCE


Group B teams (first 3 teams qualify for semi-finals)

  • FURIA Esports

  • BetBoom Team

  • Fnatic

  • Complexity

  • BIG

  • Eternal Fire

General information about the competition

Competition days:

From June 5 to June 9, 2024.

Tournament format

Group Stage:

  • Two round-robin format groups

  • Each group has 6 teams

  • All matches are Bo1

  • The top three teams from each group advance to the Playoffs:

  • Group stage winners advance to the Semifinals

  • Group stage runners-up advance to the Quarterfinals as the High Seeds

  • Group stage 3rd place teams advance to the Quarterfinals as the Low Seeds

  • Playoffs:

  • Single-Elimination bracket

  • All matches are Bo3inated from the tournament.

  • All matches are Bo3

Prize pool

12 teams will compete for a prize pool of $400,000.

Currently, the teams are ranked according to their respective scores.

1st place $200,000 TBD

2nd place $56,000 TBD

3rd-4th place $28,000 each

  • Astralis

  • TBD

5th- 6th place $20,000 each

  • Betboom team

  • Fnatic

7th-12th places $8,000 for each team


  • Complexity Gaming

  • ENCE

  • Eternal Fire

  • Sashi Esport

  • BIG


The Yalla Compass competition is held in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

Established in 2016 by Klasu (on Liquipedia), YaLLa Esports is an organization with a presence in the Middle East. Alongside its CS2 team, YaLLa Esports boasts competitive PUBG Mobile and VALORANT teams situated in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Notably, the Yalla Compass tournament was inaugurated in October 2023, featuring a substantial prize pool of $250,000.

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