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Today: The Chinese version of Valorant

The Chinese version of Valorant by Riot Games introduced a new feature known as “Fearless Moment”.

today: The Chinese version of Valorant
Chinese version of Valorant
The Chinese version of Valorant

The Chinese version of Valorant by Riot Games introduced a new feature known as “Fearless Moment”. It allows players to record footage within the game, and many players across the world hope to add this feature. Now they have to set back and wait if they add this Chinese version. Valorant introduced an updated game patch on the 27 of July with multiple new features and modes. At first, a new currency is introduced also called “Kingdon points”, You can earn these points by completing daily and weekly tasks or also by just playing the games. Firstly, these points can be used to unlock agent contracts now, you don’t have to play with every agent to unlock its contracts, these points also can be used for accessories like sprays and cards. At the time of release, every player will get 5000 Kingdom points free. Team Death Match, A new game mode, is also introduced with this update. There will be a total of 10 players in this mode split into two teams of 5, and the match will last for 9 min 30 sec with a target of 100 kills by each team. Also, this mode is mode introduced with its 3 brand-new maps that are District, Piazza, and Cosba. In addition, a new agent is introduced in episode 7 of the update. Deadlock is a fifth female Sentinal agent from Norway that thrives in a cold wilderness with its traps and hunting skills. She is equipped to disrupt enemies and keep them on their toes.

No CoD on Game Pass

According to the CEO of Activision, there will be no agreement to have a CoD launch on day one on Game Pass because he said it is not good for business. This means fans cannot enjoy the game without buying it. In his tweet, Kotick also said that they “see no positive business value or return in their games in subscription services.”

Capcom banning players

Capcom, a Japanese video game company famous for its street fight series is banning players that played the cracked beta version of Sf6 outside the beta time, Same this sort of activity also happened in the past with Street Fight 5 but this time Capcom is taking full action by banning them to the future tour tourneys and fighter league seasons. The Street Fight 6 is released on June 2, 2023. This game is released on multiple platforms like PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S, In addition to these an arcade version of the game will also be released in Japan by a Japanese game maker Taito, later this year.

Developer Turn 10 has announced the online servers of Forza Horizon will be shut down.

Developer Turn 10 has announced that from summer 2023, the online servers of Forza Horizon 1 and 2 will be shut down completely. They have confirmed that from August 2023, the players who own the game will no longer be able to play it online. It is almost ten years since both the games were released, and the news like this is very disappointing for the fans.

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