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Today: Super Mario and...

Today we are highlighting the below incidents in esports and video gaming

Today: Super Mario
Image by Nintendo

Super Mario Bros Wonder

In the news Today: Super Mario is the first news. A new 2D Mario game, Super Mario Bros, Wonder coming to Nintendo Switch with some new features, there’s a fruit that can transform the character into different things like a boulder or an elephant. It can also trigger other bizarre effects like living pipes and enemy hoards. However, most things are kept secret by the company making it more interesting. According to Nintendo, this will be the first 2D game after ten years releasing on October 20th with a price tag of 60 bucks.

Diablo 4

Plans to run Diablo 4 for long service are not looking good. The game was released on June 6, but they didn’t release their first season yet, players have already begun their burnout. According to recent posters, he is only halfway done with 100-plus dungeons throughout the game, and he has no desire to continue the game. Many other players also agree with this. According to them, they should have made 10-15 Unique and more explorable dungeons instead of 100 bland and almost the same ones.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

In the recent summer fest, PlayStation and Insomniac Games announced a highly anticipated superhero game, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. The game will release on 20th October 2023. It will be set in New York City with many Spider-Man characters, including Miles Morales and Peter Parker, some announced characters will also be in the game. Pre-booking for the game is ongoing, with a couple of bonuses and stuff for early purchase. The game will be packed with new features and deep characters and their suit designs. According to sources in this Miles Morales receives six new suits. By the way, the Venom will not be in this game. This game will be exclusive to PS5, which offers a new gaming experience with a next-gen console and a dual-sense controller. Sadly there will be no Multiplayer co-op feature in this game instead will be entirely single-player story-based.

The main villain of this game will be Kraven the Hunter, a character with which recent Spider-Man fans may not be familiar. This character was introduced in comics with some appearances in the animated series Spider-Man.

Fnatic -the winner

Fnatic, a pro-European esports org, Valorant players, won back-to-back VALORANT Champions Tour Masters Tokyo champions and got the title of first-ever 3-0 victories against Evil Geniuses on Sunday, June 25, 2023. The match took place on the battlefield of Lotus, a map where Fnatic scored a great victory against EG. With their exceptional skills and maneuverability, they ended the series with a score of 14-12.

In February 2021 Fnatic entered Valorant by picking up mix team SUMN FC. The successful European players joined the Black and Orange to form Fnatic’s first-ever VALORANT roster. 2022 started off great as our squad managed to secure 1st place in the 2022 EMEA Challengers. After a disappointing early exit in Champions 2022 in Istanbul the squad managed to lift a trophy after winning 2-0 against Acend in the Superdome.

MFAM Gauntlet with a prize pool of $100K

Streamer and professional Call of Duty player Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff will host an MFAM Gauntlet with a prize pool of $100K against another Call of Duty esports legend Seth ‘Scump’ Abner.

This will be a two-day event from 7 - 8 July at UFC X Las Vegas. On day one, fans will play against Kolcheff and Abner to spot on Abner’s team. After that, team NICKMERCS and Team Scump will compete against each other for the prize pool of $100,000. The event will be streamed on UFC’s official Twitch channel.


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