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New Hero: Novaria the Star Mage

Let's discuss the story of Star Wizard Novaria.

Lady Novaria herself has a good figure and can fly.

Playing as Novaria is very cool because the weapons are different from others, such as Orbs.

One night when Novaria was about to give birth, there were many stars in the sky. But at the same time as Novaria was born, a star fell. This star is not just any star, it makes Novaria very powerful and super powerful. Although this made Novaria extremely powerful, this extraordinary power felt like a rope that bound him. In return for this power, Novaria had to lose her family and lose her freedom. Even the inhabitants considered Novaria too dangerous and stayed away from her and did not care at all. Even Novaria can no longer control her powers and asks her best friends, Bruno and Diggy, to teach her how to control her powers.


Eventually, together they sought out the Star Orb, which would later be used in Novaria so that they could control its power.

This is a story written by the Song of the Moon mobile game developer community for the knowledge of Novaria, and it may get more interesting in the future

Available on mobile: May 18, 2023

Star Wizard Novaria. Wizard, ranged attack specialization.

Star Mage Novaria's hidden abilities.Star Trek. Type of damageEnemies affected by Novaria's skill will be marked. When a launched astral orb hits a target, the symbol explodes, dealing magic damage equal to 15% of the target's maximum health.Star Mage Novaria's first spellStar Meteor: Damage and slow enemies on target within a certain range.

Novaria summons a star orb that crashes into the target, dealing 100 (+25% total magic power) magic damage and slowing enemies by 20%. The orb shards then continue to hit the area, dealing 50 (+15% total magic power) magic damage and slowing enemies by 10% (60% /strong> to). This skill deals additional 80% damage to soldiers.

Star Mage Novaria's second spell

Star Call : An explosive, reusable magic attack at a distance.Novaria summons a star orb from a distance and pulls it toward her, dealing 150 (+40% total Magic) magic damage to enemies that pass through the orb. At the same time, Novaria has increased Movement Speed and can traverse terrain. When Novaria connects with the Star Orb, it can be launched into a target within 2 seconds. The orb explodes when it hits an enemy unit, dealing 300 (+80% of total magic power) magic damage and up to 200% bonus damage depending on how long the orb travels. The further away you are, the stronger the damage.

Star Mage Novaria's Special Spell Star Echo: A ranged spell and power-up spell that can cover multiple heroesNovaria shoots Star Waves at the target. The wave settles and clings to a nearby enemy hero, dealing 200 (+30% total magic power) magic damage and revealing the surrounding area and an enemy hiding in the grass. All enemies hit are ready to receive 50% more damage for the next spell hit for 5 s.

Novaria Magical Powers

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