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Mongolian esports Weekly (April 29-May 5, 2024)

WAOW GG and the Mongolian Esports Association (MESA) have jointly announced their collaboration to host the PUBG MOBILE NATIONAL MASTERS 2024: IESF NATIONAL QUALIFIER tournament. This event aims to determine the team representing Mongolia at the IESF WEC 2024.

WAOW PUBGM Super Clash, Road to IESF

Previously, we informed you that WAOW GG, the organizing body of the PUBGM tournament, welcomed a team from Nepal. They've now revealed plans to organize the PUBG MOBILE NATIONAL MASTERS 2024: IESF NATIONAL QUALIFIER - STOP 2 tournament in partnership with MESA, with the goal of selecting Mongolia's representatives for the IESF WEC 2024.

The ongoing PUBGM Super Clash Season 1 showcases up-and-coming teams from Mongolia facing off against established professional teams on a global stage.

The tournament boasts a prize pool of $750, with 47 teams competing across three groups. Following the initial rounds, the top 30 teams advance to the main competition, competing across two groups.

Nomadic Masters 2024 (CS2)

The Mongolian E-Sports Association (MESA) has unveiled the team lineup to compete in the Nomadic Masters international tournament. Following the successful staging of the MPS: Spring tournament, team Chinggis Warriors emerged victorious, clinching the title in the Nomadic Masters competition. Here are the teams confirmed to participate in the upcoming Nomadic Masters tournament:tournament:

🇪🇺 OG Esports

🇨🇳 Lynn vision

🇲🇳 The Mongols

🇩🇰 Gaimin Gladiator

🇪🇺 Apex

🇪🇺 Bleed

🇲🇳 Chinggis Warriors

🇲🇳 MPS Finals winner

The MPS: Finals tournament will be held on May 15-18, and the best 4 teams from Mongolia will compete for the last slot to participate in the Nomadic Masters tournament.

Mid-Season Cup (MLBB)

A total of 1188 teams registered for the "MSC 2024 MONGOLIA QUALIFIER" competition for the Wild Card or preliminary qualification of the Mid Season Cup /MSC/ tournament. There are already 16 teams from the first open qualifiers and another 16 teams from the second open qualifiers will compete at the Play-In stage from May 13th.

The MongolZ

According to the ESL World Ranking, The MongolZ team currently holds the 22nd position with 151 points. Their recent qualification into the Round of 12 at the ESL Pro League S19 has added 190 points to their tally. Consequently, The MongolZ team's total points now stand at 341, propelling them into the top 15 teams globally.

Furthermore, their ranking is expected to rise further as they accrue additional success points from the Play Off matches.


The Australian FlyQuest team coached by Mongolian G. Erdenetsogt "erkast" has qualified for the Play Off stage of ESL Pro League S19.

4merical Vibes

4merical Vibes won at the We are Champion Of PUBGM Gamers Grand Rumble tournament with a prize pool of 10,000 USD organized by Lidoma Asia .

Dota 2

European Pro League Season 18 , Germany's MOUZ was invited to the 2nd European series and is currently competing for the first place in its group. Mongolian esports pro athlete R. Narmandah "Narman" plays in the MOUZ team.

Kobolds Rave Dota 2

The Mongolian IHC esports team is participating in the Kobolds Rave Dota 2 tournament, which has a prize pool of 90,000 dollars.


Indeed, esports competitions are increasingly popular across various institutions, including offices, high schools, colleges, and universities.

Recently, MCS Group organized its fourth esports championship featuring CS2, Dota2, and PUBG Mobile on April 27 and 28. The event saw participation from 210 athletes representing 27 sister companies under the MCS umbrella. These competitors showcased their teamwork, speed, and agility across the different gaming titles.

Dota2. The joint team of M Bank and Ashid Capital BBSB, the joint team of MCS Holding and MCS Investment, the teams of Unitel Group and TekPak Group took the first places, and M Bank athlete Ts.Dulguu awarded MVP.

CS2. The joint team of MCS Property Company, M Bank and Ashid Capital BBSB, Unitel Group and Yubicab took the first places, and MCS Property's athlete G. Ariunsan was selected as the "Most Valuable Player".

PUBG Mobile. MCS Coca-Cola, MCS International, Sky Resort, and Uniservice Solution were selected. B. Ankhbayar , an athlete from Uniservice Solution, topped the others with 31 points and was selected as the "Most Valuable Player" of the PUBG Mobile category.


"MNUMS E-Sport" competition in "Counter-Strike 2, Dota 2" was organized by the Medical School Student Council. Team "Schizophrenia" won the first place by Counter-Strike 2, "Poor Man's Shield" teams became the first place winners in the Dota 2 tournament.

Mongolian teams and athletes will participate in the competitions

May 1-6. PUBGM Super Clash Season 1 Tournament (WAOW GG)


May 19-24. PUBGM Super Clash Season 2 (WAOW GG)

May 22 - June 24. PUBGM Super League - Central and South Asia Spring 2024

May 7-12. ESL Pro League S19 Play Off

May 15-18. MPS: Finals (MESA Pro Series)

May 14. ECL S47

May 20-21. ECL S47

MESA Nomadic Masters May 28-June 2

April 17- May 10. Kobolds Rave Dota

April 29 - May 12. Pro League Season 18 Dota

May 13-19. MSC Play In MLBB by Esports Network

May 25-30. MSC Play Off MLBB by Esports Network

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