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Mongolian ESN-eSports Network and MOONTON Games extend esports strategic partnership throughout 2024

In 2023, Mongolian Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players and fans had a blast with various exciting events. One standout was the “ESN National Championship 2023: MLBB”, organized by ESN – eSports Network and MOONTON Games that served as the offline qualifier to the M5 Wild Card in Malaysia with over 586 attendees witnessing the grand clash between Team LiLGun and Last Chance.

Team LiLGun won the competition and made history by representing Mongolia for the first time in the M5 Wild Сard stage in Malaysia. Despite their outstanding performance in the M5 Wild Card and emerging as the dark horses of the tournament, they still have some ways to go to accomplish their goal of becoming international champions.

The team did very well in their first M Series, and we are expecting greater global success from Team LiLGun,”  Vladislav Samokha - Senior Esports Ecosystem Lead - Eastern Europe & Central Asia, Mongolia, “We are thankful for the support of the local Mongolian fans, and we look forward to working closely with ESN once again this year.”  

The ESN National Championship 2023: MLBB was one of the most comprehensive and highly organized offline esports tournaments held in Mongolia, which attracted the attention of many passionate and local fans, leading to the bar being raised for professional esports in the country.

This year, ESN and MOONTON Games are set to continue their partnership with an expanded scope. In addition to the M6 Wildcard qualifiers, they will also host the EWC-MSC qualifiers for first time in Mongolia. These tournaments are a huge contribution to the development of Mongolia's esports sector and will provide Mongolian teams an extra opportunity to compete and gain recognition once again on the global stage.

This marks a collaborative effort to enhance esports and gaming entertainment offerings for Mongolian youth, featuring content from Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, the premier mobile esport in Mongolia, and Unitel Group, Mongolia's top media and mobile telecommunications company.


Which team will represent Mongolia on the global stage in the above-mentioned tournaments this year?

More information will be available soon. Please refer to this folder for the media drive: 


ESN-eSports Network and MOONTON Games

About Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is the most popular mobile Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game worldwide that brings communities together through teamwork and strategy. With over 1.465 billion installations and 110 million active monthly users, the award-winning game is among the top 10 most played in over 80 countries. With an extensive reach across the Asia Pacific region, the multiplayer is available in 139 countries with an expansive global esports presence.


About Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Esports

Established in 2017, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Esports serves as a platform for players to pursue their dreams of becoming esports athletes and illuminate opportunities within the international esports ecosystem. MLBB Esports has since expanded to multiple leagues, including the MPL series hosted in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America.


About MOONTON Games

Established in 2014, MOONTON is a global video game company dedicated to gaming development, publication, and esports. With more than 1,600 employees worldwide, the company operates offices in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Latin America, Hong Kong, and mainland China. It has successfully launched several high-profile mobile games globally and has built long-term relationships with governments and esports organizations in more than 30 countries around the world. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is its current star game and the leading mobile multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game worldwide. For more information, visit

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