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All about gaming gears

Gaming is as a thriving business, it is getting more expensive. When you choose the right types of equipment can make you affordable. We are here to discuss your gaming gear, such as a mouse, keyboards, controllers, and others.

gaming gears
Gaming controller

A gaming controller is a handheld device with many different buttons and analogs. Individuals use it to control characters or objects in the game. It is more similar to a keyboard.

Controller vs. keyboard:

Controllers and keyboards mostly serve similar purposes when it comes to gaming, but they offer distinctive advantages according to the game. Keyboard and mouse provide much more precision and accuracy with fast reaction time making them the preferred choice of fps games. While controllers are much preferred with casual games like action-adventure, fighting games, sports games, etc.


Gaming controllers are mostly designed to be compatible with specific platforms. For example, Xbox controllers are used for Xbox platforms but can also be used for Windows Pcs.

On the other hand, PlayStation controllers are used specifically on their platforms only.

Special Features:

Most controllers come with typical buttons and analog sticks but spending on the model, some of them have additional features like a touchpad, motion sensors, audio jacks, or even built-in speakers and microphone.

These days new controllers are equipped with haptic feedback, which means the controller will rumble and vibrate according to your in-game actions.

Different types:

There are different types of controllers mostly used for gaming.

● Gamepad/Traditional Controller

● Motion Controllers

● Arcade Fight Stick

● Racing Wheels

● Flight/Stick Controllers

Famous Controllers:

Some of the renowned controllers are:

● Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

● Razer Wolverine Ultimate

● DualSense Wireless Controller

● HyperX Clutch Gladiate

● SteelSeries Stratus XL

Consider before buying:

Before buying a controller you should first consider your requirements and most important is it compatible with your platform. Also, check its reviews before buying it, it will help a lot.

gaming gears


A keyboard is an input device that is used to give commands to the computer. They come in various types like external keyboards with a desktop pc or with a laptop, etc.

Types: While there is a wide range of keyboards, they are broken into 3 main types based on their mechanism:

Membrane: These are the most commonly used and affordable keyboards made up of with most straightforward mechanics possible with a combination of plastic polyester, silicon, and rubber. These keyboards typically feature membrane key mechanisms, which offer a basic yet functional typing experience. The keys in these keyboards feel much mushy and spongy because of the rubber components. They are primarily used in workplaces.

Mechanical: Mechanical keyboards are equipped with an individual mechanical switch, like a lever, instead of a rubber dome. Its keys are much more efficient and smoother; that’s why in mechanical, the accuracy and precision are entirely in your control. In addition, the keys are much more durable and customizable, and you can also customize the keys' sound; also, it has a 5-millisecond debounce delay. These are mostly used by gamers.

Optical: Optical keyboards are much more related to mechanical ones with a slightly different but improved mechanism. It uses light induction to trigger the button switches, which makes it much faster than others, also known as fast as light. Its switches are

30 milliseconds faster than normal mechanical switches. The ability to customization this keyboard is not easy because of the rarity of its parts. While these keyboards are primarily aimed at budget-conscious users, they can also be used by gamers, but their usage among gamers is relatively low due to their affordability.

Gaming Keyboard:

Gaming keyboards are high-performance gaming keyboards designed to enhance the gaming experience. These keyboards offer several advantages over the standard keyboard to ensure smooth and efficient gameplay, usually equipped with RGB light on the back of the keys, giving a profound gaming look. Most gaming keyboards are mechanical because of their efficiency and affordability. They also include macro keys that are also known as customizable keys.

Famous Gaming Keyboards:

● Wooting Two HE

● Logitech G715

● SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL

● Corsair K70 RGB TKL

● Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2

gaming gears
Gaming Mouse

A gaming mouse is a specially designed mouse for gamers that offers great sensitivity and accuracy. It is one of the most attentive gaming gears. They are equipped with different extra features than a typical computer mouse. The gaming mouse came with additional customizable buttons that can be very useful for in-game actions and shortcuts that help in multiplayer or competitive fps gaming. They are also equipped with RGB led lights and some of them have a storage capacity that can be used to store different customized settings according to your game. The gaming mouse also comes with adjustable DPI settings that allow the user to change the sensitivity as they prefer. This is particularly useful in games that require precise aiming or quick movements.

Wireless vs. wire:

Gaming mice come in both wired and wireless features, and both have their pros and cons. There is always a delay in a response time of a wireless mouse; however, it provides much more mobility, while a wired gaming mouse is the other way around.

Famous Gaming mouse:

These are some most famous and popular gaming mice based on their reviews:

● Logitech G502

● Razer Basilisk V3 Pro

● SteelSeries Rival 3

● Razer DeathAdder Elite

● Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless

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