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The MongolZ at IEM 2023

IEM 2023 Cologne. Group stage #themongolz #esportsnewsmn #iem2023

IEM 2023 Cologne. Group stage

The MongolZ vs Heroic

The MongolZ still is being dominant with the Tier1, the world best team Heroic.

Mirage 16-11

Overpass 22-18

Inferno 10-16

Overall result 1-2

The MongolZ's next match is with Gamer Legion.

IEM Cologne 2023. Day 2

The Mongolz vs Into the Breach:

On Mirage, The Mongolz pressented a dominant performance on a T-side, allowing Into the Breach to secure only 3 rounds by the end of the first half, the Mongolz reached Map Point and ultimately closed out the Mirage map with a 16-8 score.

On Ancient, The Mongolz started on the CT-side and again limited ITB to 3 rounds in the first half. Although ITB showed some resistance in the second half, the Mongolz sealed the Ancient map 16-8, securing their victory.

16-8 Mirage

16-8 Ancient

Overall result 2-0

FURIA vs The Mongolz

On Inferno, The Mongolz demonstrated a strong T-side, leading 9-6 at halftime. Unyielding in Overtime, The Mongolz secured four consecutive rounds to triumph 19-15.

Overpass, The Mongolz displayed a dominant T-side, ending the first half 10-5. The Mongolz closed out the map with a 16-8 victory.

The Mongolz showcased their dominance, securing a convincing 2-0 victory over Furia and advanced to the first Group Stage spot from the Lower Bracket at IEM Cologne.

Inferno 19-15

Overpass 16-8

Over all result 2-0

IEM Cologne 2023. Day 1

The Mongolz vs MOUZ

On the first day of IEM Cologne 2023, The Mongolz lost the battle with MOUZ taking on.

Team MOUZ managed to push the map into Overtime after a stellar CT-side, and managed to win the game 22-19 on Nuke.

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