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The South Korean team "Danawa Esports" won the PGC 2023 championship trophy with $600,000, making South Korea once again the PUBG World Champion after 5 years.

Danawa Esports roster:

Danawa Esports
Photo by @pubgesports

South Korea's Gen.G Esports took the lead in PGC 2019, the first world championship. At that time, Danawa Esports team player Loki was part of Gen.G team. This is Loki's second world title.

Photo by @pubgesports

PGS 1 champions 17Gaming from China took home $280,000 as runners-up.Twisted Minds, a team from the CIS region, took third place and won $160,000.China's Petrichor Road team led by Aixleft took the fourth place.

The MVP player of the tournament was Danawa Esports team player seoul. He won the PNC 2023 and PGS 1 Most Valuable Player awards.

As for the competition, the best 32 teams from each region started playing in Bangkok, Thailand from November 18, 2023 and ended yesterday, December 3, 2023.

According to the statistics at the average number of views is 113,464 and the maximum number of views is 263,656.The live broadcast of the tournament was also watched by the most people in Vietnamese.

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