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Team Spirit concluded the season with a triumph at the Blast Premier Spring Final 2024.

The BLAST Premier Spring Final 2024 displayed the extraordinary skills of the world's top Counter-Strike players as they gathered at the renowned OVO Arena Wembley from June 12 to June 16, in the iconic city of London. Th best teams competed for a significant prize pool of $425,000 and the chance to secure a place in the highly anticipated BLAST World Final scheduled for December 2024.

  • Team Spirit emerged victorious, securing the first place and a prize of $200,000, thereby earning qualification for the prestigious BLAST World Final.

  • Team NAVI secured the 2nd place in the tournament and was awarded a prize of $85,000.

  • and Team Vitality have secured the 3rd-4th place positions, earning $40,000 for each team.

Play Off Stage

The BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2024 Playoffs took place at the esteemed OVO Arena Wembley. The playoffs featured the top six teams that had successfully progressed, including Vitality, FaZe Clan, Virtus.Pro, Astralis, Team Spirit, and Natus Vincere.


Team Spirit 3:1 NAVI (13:9 on Ancient, 13:9 on Dust, 4:13 on Mirage, 13:6 on Nuke)
Team Spirit
Credit: Danil "⁠donk⁠" Kryshkovets

Ancient map

The match began with Team Spirit establishing a strong 10:2 lead in the first half, which set the tone for the game as both teams consistently faced uneven halves. While the competition was fierce, Team Spirit emerged victorious more frequently.

Despite being 10:2 behind, NAVI captain "Aleksib" displayed remarkable skill by securing a 1v2 victory in the pistol round to keep his team in the game.

Regrettably for NAVI, this effort was not sufficient, and despite "b1t's" exceptional performance, they were defeated 13-9 in the first map.

Dust ll map

Team Spirit increased their advantage on Dust II by securing an early 5:0 lead. "Aleksib" played a crucial role in helping his team score their first points.

Despite NAVI's efforts to stage a comeback, exemplified by "jL" strong B site defense, it proved insufficient as Team Spirit claimed a 13-9 victory on the map.

Mirage map

NAVI secures a victory on Mirage, pulling back into the game. Despite Mirage's flawless start, NAVI managed to take control this time.

With a commanding 10:2 lead in the first half, Team Spirit had to win the second pistol round to stay in contention.

Nevertheless, similar to the previous maps, their efforts proved insufficient as Team Spirit succumbed to a 13-4 defeat in what turned out to be the most dominant map of the Final.

Nuke, the winner map

Team Spirit emerged victorious on the Nuke map, a choice that seemed advantageous for NAVI to secure the win.

However, unexpected challenges arose during the match, including a technical pause and an incident where "Aleksib" experienced a keyboard malfunction, significantly impacting the team's performance. Despite their efforts, the game remained fiercely contested, with "zont1x" making a notable impact in the initial gun round.

The match continued to be intense, with "jL" showcasing skill with a remarkable double kill in round 12. Nevertheless, "donk" swiftly turned the tide in the second half with an impressive performance in the pistol round, solidifying their lead.


The Spring Final 2024 was the largest Counter-Strike event in the United Kingdom since the London Major 2018, which was held at the OVO Arena Wembley and saw the Danish organization Astralis crowned champions.

This event brought together the world’s best esports teams and players in London, marking BLAST’s return to the UK capital after four years. The city’s second-largest indoor venue will host this elite Counter-Strike competition.

BLAST has collaborated with London & Partners to help in the goal of positioning London as a leading global destination for top-tier esports and gaming events in the coming years. Furthermore, BLAST has joined forces with Live Nation, a major player in the live entertainment sector worldwide. Presently, the UK accounts for 8% of the global esports market, projected to hit $1.6 billion by the year's end.


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