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Beer Night Studio releases next game on  Crytivo

Beer Night Studio is a young Mongolian team of game developers. They released their game Fragile on November 11, 2019.

Recently, these guys signed a deal with Crytivo to release their horror game Carnival Hunt. This way, they will be able to market their games to a wider market and host them on more platforms.

Credit to: Beer Night Studio

Carnival Hunt is an asymmetric multiplayer game full of horror, nightmares, and horror. The player chooses to play as either a carnival monster or a rabbit trying to escape from a terrifying environment. Both characters will get more power by replenishing their lives with the help of a special key.

Beer Night Studio's next work, the result of many months of work, the CARNAVAL HUNT game will be released soon after the previous game Fragile was the leader in the Steam platform with more than 7000 downloads.

Animated series "Onntz Dumd" and Fragile are the productions with the most viewers and players of Beer Night Studio. newsletter, esportsnewsmn has been continuously delivering news and information about e-sports in Mongolia and the world for the past 5 years. Unfortunately, in January 2023, the server hosting was affected by a Ransomware virus attack and lost all news, images, videos, necessary links, all search engine statistics and important information. As we are including previous information to the best of our ability, we apologize to you, the reader, as there may be errors in timing, related images and videos.

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